Thursday, January 20, 2005

Not too certain about my title...

After a few weeks of doodling in the margins of my notebook, I've finally set up a knitting blog. Now, to get my digital camera to stop hating me.. *sigh* One step at a time!

Anyways. This is Asheepsworth, all one word. Still not terribly sure if I like it, a bit more fond of Knitfish or Knitlet, but I'm pretty sure both're already taken by more well known knitters in the community..

What can you expect from this blog? Or, rather, what do I plan to do with it? Knit! And craft, and sew andand.. post, yeah, that'd help. I'm slowly working my way past 'beginner', so don't expect fantabulous projects just yet. I'll get there. Someday.